Frequently asked Questions about the Delivery


What are the delivery charges?
The delivery charges are visible on the final checkout page and are calculated based on the following:

  • Number of items in the order
  • Weight of the items
  • Delivery Location
  1. Will somebody contact me before delivering the package to my location?
    Our Delivery Hero may reach out to you if he needs clarity on the delivery location or needs to confirm the availability.
  2. I missed my package delivery, what should I do now?
    If you missed the delivery due to any reason, we’ll attempt to deliver your order again, the next working day. 3 attempts will be made to deliver the order before the cancellation.
  3. what is the expected delivery time?
    Once we have called your registered mobile number and confirmed the order with you, we expect delivery to happen within 3 to 5 working days. Delivery timelines vary depending on your city and your selected product, or due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Do you deliver all over the Pakistan?
    Absolutely!! We deliver all over Pakistan through our own fleet in certain cities, and through our logistics partners as well.
  5. How do I check the delivery lead time of a product?
    Please get in touch with Mayaar Customer Service Representative via email or Live Chat +92-300-377 9191
  6. I found the package open and the product seal broken on delivery. What should I do?
    You should refuse to accept an open package. However, if you do receive any such package which is open, severely damaged or tampered, please get in touch with us immediately through email or call/whatsapp +92300 377 9191.
  7. Can I pick up my item instead of having it delivered?
    Unfortunately, Self Collection of order items is not available. Rest be assured that your order will be delivered to your address, safe & sound!
  8. I ordered multiple items but I have received only one item so far. What’s going on?
    Items sourced from different sellers are often shipped separately to make sure that there is no delay in fulfilment of your order. Rest assured that you will get all your items within the delivery period mentioned on the product page of those items.
    Delivery charges confirmed at the time of order placement are spread throughout your order.
  9. How long does it take to receive my product?
    We will call you to confirm the order, including the item and total price. Once you have confirmed the order with our Customer Service rep over the phone, it will be delivered to you in 3 to 5 working days. We do our best to get your orders delivered by the date listed on the product page.
    Delivery timelines vary depending on your city and your selected product and sometimes may be affected by unforeseen circumstances.
  10. Will somebody contact me before delivering the package to my location?
    Our delivery person may contact you to confirm your exact location and confirm the time of delivery.
    There will be an intimation through sms on the day when your order is scheduled to deliver.
  11. Can I trace my order?
    We will send you the tracking code of the shipment when the parcel has been sent.
  12. Can I change delivery address?
    Sign in to your account and go to “my account”. On “my account” you can change all your contact information
  13. My order delivery has been failed, what should I do?
    Ensure that you have mentioned the correct address and contact number, so our delivery hero could reach you easily. In case if you have missed the delivery or our delivery hero couldn’t reach you, 3 attempts will be made to deliver your order.
    Following are the reasons for the failed delivery:
    Customer not available: Our Delivery Hero has not been able to get in touch with the customer.
    Wrong Address / Phone Number: While placing an order, the customer has entered the incorrect address or phone number.If no attempt was made to deliver your order and it has been marked as “Failed Delivery,” you can contact our Mayaar Customer Center from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm to lodge the complaint so your concern can be highlighted to the relevant department.
  14. I have a complaint about the courier executive who came to deliver my order, who should I reach out?
    Mayaar.Store strives to ensure that customers enjoy the ultimate shopping experience on the platform, and reap the benefits of online shopping while experiencing true customer delight.
    Our teams are working round the clock to ensure that your experience is as good as it could be, and really appreciate you for visiting the Help Center. We have dedicated a team member to follow up with our Delivery Partner with regards to the concern with the rider. Feel free to contact Mayaar Customer Center between 09:00 am to 06:00 p.m. and we’d be happy to assist you.
    We deliver through our own logistics and through our logistic partners.
  15. Can I open and check the parcel before receiving and paying the rider?
    Unfortunately, the open box delivery at Mayaar.Store is not allowed. You need to receive the parcel and pay the rider. After unwrapping the package, if you face any issue then you may return it to Mayaar.Store. For further information contact to our support team through email or call/whatsapp +92300 377 9191.
  16. Can I change my shipping address after my order is placed?
    Unfortunately, no changes can be made once the order is placed. If your order is in the “Processing” stage, please cancel it and place a new order with the updated details.
    Although, you can update your personal details in your account before placing an order by logging into your account on Mayaar website.
    You can check your order delivery timeline by logging into your Mayaar web account.
  17. What are the common reasons for delay?
    The most common reasons for delivery delays are:
    Seller Sourcing Issues: The seller could take longer than expected time to fulfill your order.
    Courier service delay: Our logistics partners takes a longer than expected time to deliver your order.
    Customer not available: Our Delivery Hero has not been able to get in touch with the customer.
    Wrong Address / Phone Number: While placing an order the customer has entered an incorrect address or phone number, leading to late delivery.
    Extreme Weather: The weather conditions of the destined city may be rough, for example, heavy rainfall, smog, landslide, etc. which may result in a delivery                      hold-up.
    Any unforeseen circumstances which can cause temporary delays at Mayaar operational level.
    Law and Order conditions: Due to religious procession, lockdowns, strike issues resulting in route blocking, you may receive your package after the promised                    time.
    Note: In case of delay, you can also contact our Mayaar customer center from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM so your issue can be escalated to the relevant department.

My Account

  1.  How can a Mayaar.Store customer care representative help me?
    At Mayaar Customer Care, we offer a one-on-one experience with a Mayaar Guide/representative who can guide you regarding the below-mentioned points.

    1. How to place order?
    2. Mayaar.Store return policy.
    3. What needs to be checked before placing the order?
    4. Delivery information.
  2. Technical Issues on Mayaar.Store via Web Browser
    1. Clear web browser cache
    2. Try to use different web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)
    3. Uninstall and reinstall the app if the above methods did not work
  3. How can I deactivate my Mayaar.Store Account?
    You need to contact us via Live Chat from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. to deactivate your account.
    Once your account is deactivated, you may not be able to make the below changes.

    1. You cannot use the same email and contact number to create a new account.
    2. You will not have access to your customer profile including your reviews and purchase history.
    3. You won’t be able to log in to your Mayaar.Store account, which means you cannot file any return or refund request. You cannot use your Mayaar.Store wallet amount if there is any.

    NOTE: You can always keep your account active but simply log out from your account and unsubscribe from our newsletter. This way you will not receive any Push Notifications or emails from Mayaar.Store but your account will be active for any time you wish to come back and shop again from Mayaar.Store.

  4. How do I change the personal details of my account?
    You can change your personal details on Mayaar.Store by following the below simple steps:

    1. Open the Mayaar.Store app and log in to your Account
    2. Click Setting
    3. Click Account information
    4. Select the Field you want to update. You can change your Name, Password, Number, Email, Gender, and Birthday date.
  5. What is Mayaar.Store helpline number?
    Our helpline number is 0300-3779191 OR 0423-5968000. You can contact us from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  6. How does Mayaar.Store protect the customer’s data?
    The Privacy Policy at Mayaar.Store can help you with the following concerns:

    • How we collect, use, and (under certain conditions) disclose your personal information
    • The steps we have taken to secure your personal information
    • The Privacy Policy explains your options regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.
  7. Mayaar.Store app not working. What should I do?
    We have identified that the recent update by Google on Android Web View has caused some of our users to experience crashes, freezes, or longer-than-normal load times on Mayaar.Store mobile app. If you are an affected user, we recommend you take the following steps to uninstall Android System Web View.
    Click on the link below to uninstall or check out the following steps:

    1. Launch the Google Play Store app. Select My apps & games.
    2. Click on the “Installed” tab and select Android System Web View.
    3. Tap and confirm uninstall.
    4. Restart the device.
    5. Need help?
    6. If you require further assistance, please visit Mayaar.Store Help Centre or reach out to one of our Mayaar.Store Care Champs via Live Chat.
  8. believe someone has logged in to my account and placed the order, what should I do?
    It is highly advisable to not share your Login Credentials with anyone. If you feel that someone has logged into your account and placed the order, please reach out to us via live chat between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Issue Resolution team will look into it and facilitate you accordingly.

Product & Prices

  1. Are there any hidden costs or charges if I order from Mayaar.Store?
    There are no hidden charges when you order from Mayaar.Store. All cost are 100% visible on the checkout page which includes Product Price + Shipment Charges.
  2. Are the prices on Mayaar.Store negotiable?
    Prices on Mayaar.Store are not negotiable. Mayaar.Store has variety of products in different price range based on its justified quality.
  3. Are all products on Mayaar.Store original and genuine?
    Yes, we are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original products. We also take all necessary actions to ensure this: any seller found to be selling non-genuine products will immediately be delisted from Mayaar.Store. And any specific product of such category would be clearly communicated in the product description.Please send us an email on or contact us +92300 377 9191.
    If you think a product listed on our website does not fulfill quality parameters.
  4. Where can I find more detailed information about a product?
    Information regarding your product is described in the Detailed description and specifications section at the bottom of the product page.The detailed information can be found under the “Description” and “Specifications” tabs on the product pages. Just click the “Read More” link if needed.You can also contact by sending e-mail to our support team at They will be happy to help you with any product related questions.
  5. Are all products on Mayaar.Store new and unused?
    Yes, Mayaar.Store only offers 100% new and unused products. We ensure the best quality grade and full warranty from the vendor(wherever applicable).Please send us an email on  Or contact us +92300 377 9191 If you find a product on our website that failed to meet this criteria.

Products Warranty and Installation.

  1. How do I know if a product comes with warranty?
    If a warranty is offered on a product, the warranty period will be displayed on the product page.If a product is sold by multiple vendors, the warranty period offered by each vendor will be displayed in the specifications section at the bottom of the product page.
  2. where should I go for my warranty claim?
    To claim your warranty, please refer to the manufacturer and service center details given on the warranty card included with your product (if applicable). If there is no warranty card, please check the user manual, product packaging for the details. Feel free to contact us through email or contact us +92300 377 9191,For further help please contact us with our support team.
    Note: To check if the warranty card is available with the product, you need to scroll down the product page, in the product description, read “What’s in the box” information.
  3. I lost my warranty card. How can I claim warranty?
    Lost your warranty card? Don’t worry! Feel free to contact us through email or contact us +92300 377 9191 For further help please contact us with our support team.
  4. My product is under warranty but I did not receive a warranty card?
    If you bought a product for which warranty was advertised but did not receive a warranty card, your product may be eligible for an E-Warranty. You may visit the manufacturer warranty portal and enter your product serial/IMEI number to confirm. If your product does not have E-Warranty, and you did not receive a warranty card, we will arrange a Warranty Card for you, or facilitate a return in case a card cannot be arranged.
  5. Do I need to pay for repairs the Products?
    If your product is within the warranty duration and malfunctions during normal usage, you do not have to worry about the repairing cost. If your product is past the warranty duration, or is physically damaged, or violates a warranty condition as set out by the manufacturer, you will be responsible for the repair cost. We suggest you repair the product at the service center authorized by the manufacturer for better quality services.
  6. How do I know if my product has a warranty?
    If a warranty is offered on a product, the warranty period will be displayed on the product page, under the Specifications section.
    Types of Warranties:
  7. Brand Warranty: This limited warranty is directly offered by the manufacturer of the product. For product defects under normal use circumstances and at the discretion of the company, the brand will provide free of charge repair and/or replacement services within the warranty period. Mayaar.Store does not take any responsibility for these after-sale services. Customers will directly approach the brand through their authorized service centers to submit products for repair/replacement under warranty.
  8. Service warranty: This limited warranty is offered by the seller who has put up the product on sale. Please note that the terms and conditions of this warranty may differ from seller to seller, and can be confirmed via Mayaar.Store IM from the seller in question.

Returns & Refunds

  1. How do I know if my product is eligible for a refund and/or replacement?
    Please visit the non-returnable items page to check if your product is eligible for a refund and/or replacement.
    Non-Returnable Items
    Please note that selected items sold on Mayaar.Store are not eligible for return. Below you find a consolidated list of all non-returnable items.

    Category Non-Returnable Items
    Fashion Custom made items, women’s intimate apparel and men’s innerwear cannot be returned
    TVs, Audio & Cameras Movies and Music cannot be returned
    Computing & Gaming All software products that are labeled as non-returnable on their product detail pages
    Home & Living Custom made items cannot be returned
    Beauty & Health All items in this category, except for hair removal and other electronical items

    If you have received a non-returnable item that is defective / damaged or incorrect/incomplete, please contact us within 7 days of delivery.

  2. How long do I have to initiate my request for a refund or replacement?
    You can initiate your request for refund or replacement within 7 days of delivery.
  3. How do I pack my return parcel to make sure it arrives in adequate condition?
    The product must be returned in the original and undamaged manufacturer packaging/box. If the product was delivered in a second layer of Mayaar.Store packaging, it must be returned in the same condition with return shipping label attached. Do not put tape or stickers on the manufacturer’s box.
    Note: If a product is returned to us in an inadequate condition, we reserve the right to send it back to you.
    And you can initiate the process of product return by activating your return ticket through whatsapp on +92-300 377 9191. Your order number with the reason of return, refund or exchange and based on the confirmation from Mayaar customer center, you can return back the product to office address.
  4. What can I do if my return request was not accepted?
    If your return request does not meet the Mayaar.Store Return Policies conditions, you can claim your warranty (if any) from the authorized service center of the brand.
    Returns Policy

    1. If your product is damaged, defective, incorrect or incomplete at the time of delivery, please file a return request on the app or website within 07 days
    2. For selected categories, we accept a “Change of Mind” Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Men’s bags, Women’s bags, Luggage & Suitcase, Bedding, and Bath. Exceptions are women’s intimate apparel, men’s innerwear, swimwear, eyewear, jewelry, watches, duffel bags, and shoe-care.
    3. For device related issues after usage or the expiration of the return window, seller warranty or brand warranty could be given by the seller. For seller warranty, please contact the seller. The contact details of the seller can be found on the invoice. For brand warranty, please refer to the for more information on warranty claims please view our Warranty Policy Valid reasons to return an item
        • Delivered Product is damaged (physically destroyed or broken) / defective (dead on arrival)
        • Delivered Product is incorrect (presentation different on the website) / incomplete (missing parts)
        • Delivered Product is “No longer needed” (you no longer have a use for the product / you have changed your mind about the purchase / the size of a fashion product does not fit / you do not like the product after opening the package) – eligible for selected products only

           Conditions for Returns

        1. The product must be unused, unworn, unwashed and without any flaws. Fashion products can be tried on to see if they fit and will still be considered unworn
        2. The product must include the original tags, user manual, warranty cards, freebies and accessories
        3. The product must be returned in the original and undamaged manufacturer packaging / box. If the product was delivered in a second layer of Mayaar.Store packaging, it must be returned in the same condition with return shipping label attached. Do not put tape or stickers on the manufacturer’s boxNOTE: It is important to indicate the order number and return tracking number on your return package to avoid any inconvenience/delay in process of your return.
          If a product is returned to us in an inadequate condition, we reserve the right to send it back to you.
          Note: If your return has been rejected, it will be sent back to you within 3-5 working days. If you fail to receive the item within 3 attempts, it will be sent to scrap.
  5. How to return a product?
    • Sign in to your Mayaar.Store Account, select My Orders.
    • Select the order you wish to return and click on the Manage Order button.
    • Click on Return Items.
    • Fill in the Return Form. The available return options (pickup/drop-off) will be displayed in this form.
    • Pack your return package securely, with the product in the original and undamaged manufacturer’s packaging as delivered to you. Write your order number & return tracking number clearly on the outer side of the package.
    • Head to your nearest drop-off point or wait for collection by our pick-up service.
    • Make sure you have written your order number and return tracking number on your package at the time of drop off.
      You can view your return tracking number as soon as you have filled the Online Return Form and logged your return request.
  6. Do I have to pay for shipping charges when I return a product?
    Yes Only charges for shipping a product back to Mayaar.Store.
  7. How can I track my return?
    We will send you regular updates about the status of your order via emails and SMS. After your order has left our warehouse and is on its way to you, you can also track its status by entering your tracking number on ‘Track the order?’
  8. How long will it take to receive my replacement?
    It will take between 5 -10 days to send you the replacement product, depending on your location. Please refer to the product page on Mayaar.Store for further information about delivery time.
  9. Do I also get refunded the shipping charges when returning a product?
    Yes, the refunded amount would also include the shipping amount you were charged.
  10. Do I have to pay for shipping charges when I return a product?
    There are no charges for shipping a product back to Mayaar.Store.
  11. Do I have to return all products in my order?
    No, you do not have to return your whole order. It is fine just to return certain products.
  12. Can I return my items after the return window as expired?
    Sorry, returns are not possible after the 7 days return period. You can reach our team for further questions 24/7 contact us +92300 377 9191
    If you experience issues after the Mayaar.Store return/exchange period has elapsed, you can claim your warranty (if any) from the authorized service center of the brand.
  13. Can I return my item?
    To return the item(s), note the following points:

      • You can initiate the return request for products within 7 days and products within 7 days after receiving the order.
      • You can initiate the return request once the order status has been updated to “Delivered”. If the order has been delivered and the status has not updated, it will be updated within 24-48 hours. The return window will only begin when the status has been updated.
      • Digital goods and fresh items cannot be returned via the return form. If you want to return items in these categories contact our Care Champ.

    You can return the item(s) if:

    • Item is damaged, defective, or expired
    • Item is incorrect, counterfeit or not as advertised
    • Item is of incorrect size or does not fit you
    • Item, freebie, or accessory is missing
    • You changed your mind

    Your item is eligible for a return for “Change of Mind” if it falls in any of the following categories

  14. How should I pack the items for return?
    All returns should be packed as per the following instructions:

    • Fashion products should be unworn, unwashed, and unaltered; these products can only be tried on to see if they fit.
    • Pack all the items received with the order i.e. free gifts, warranties, tags, labels, manuals or any other accessories. (If applicable).
    • The product must be returned in original and undamaged manufacturer packaging. Do not put tape or stickers on the manufacturer’s box.
    • If Mayaar.Store packaging has been damaged, wrap the product in another layer of external packaging like plastic to avoid damage to the parcel during transportation.
    • The product must be in the same condition as received.
    • Once you have packed your items, you can choose to either drop off or get your item picked up. The invoice must be sent along with the product to Mayaar office.
  15. What will happen if my return is rejected?
    Once your return order is received at the warehouse, our quality team checks the product as per your return reasons. If your return reason is not valid, then your order is returned back to you.
    Your return may be rejected due to the following reasons:

    • If your order is missing any component, freebies, warranty card, etc.
    • If your order’s brand packaging or tag is missing or damaged
    • After Quality Check, if your return reason is found to be invalid or mismatched
      After final QC, if your return falls into any of the above conditions, the team will contact you to inform you about your returned item.